From the moment Jonathan first discovered the ‘record’ button on his parents old tape recorder, creating audio has just been what he does.

Known for his rich voice, silly characters, and mimicry of dialects throughout his life, Voice acting has long been his calling. In addition to voice-over and audiobook narration, Jonathan has also worked (or still occasionally works) professionally as a radio announcer, musician, interpretive guide, and stage performer. He has his degree in Media Arts Production, adding a savvy in audio production to his skill set.

While working out of his fully equipped home studio in Whitehorse YT, Jonathan has most recently narrated and produced over a dozen full length audiobooks available through Audible (including the bestselling “Skeletons in my Closet” by Dave Sweet, and two volumes of the verse of Robert Service), and has had his voice-over work featured in several video games, YouTube videos, and short films.

Additionally, a lifetime of front line interactive performance, has made Jonathan an extroverted people person, which, in turn makes him communicative, receptive to performance notes, and incredibly easy to work with.

If you have a project for which you think Jonathan’s voice could be a great fit, please get in touch using the “contact’ section of this website.