A Christmas Carol

its been a busy (and of course isolated) last round of months.

The good news is that we’re now entering the Holiday season. and whether its the cold or the ongoing pandemic that’s keeping you inside, it’s quite possible that this may finally be the year we all exhaust the seemingly endless catalogue of Christmas shows and stories. In that spirit, I’ve added my own re-boot to the list to keep you busy. The Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”, or as its known in full: “A Christmas Carol; In Prose, Being A Ghost Story Of Christmas”

During the holidays, I always endeavor to watch every available version of “A Christmas Carol”. From Mickey, to Muppets, to Alistair Sim, to Jim Carrey. I’m sure everyone watches at least one (Muppets is still my favourite). If you, like me have ever wondering which lines in those productions come from the actual book, this year, you can listen to me read you the original story and confirm. All while baking your Christmas cookies, or trimming the tree, or while watching one of those fireplace channels

It’s available here on Audible

I’ve also been fairly bust with a handful of other productions available now.

I’ve completed the third and final installment of Robert Service’s trilogy of Yukon verse “Rhymes of a Rolling Stone“, as well created a compilation of his most fondly remembered works which i’ve called “The Collected Best of Robert Service

I have the great opportunity to work once again with Mischievous Books and my friend Jenny Hoops in co-narrating their latest release “Canadian Shorts II

And finally, if you are in the USA and are fond of early 20th century mysteries, you may also listen to my recording Agatha Christie’s “The Man in the Brown Suit“.

I’m currently working on a production of Voltaire’s age of enlightenment satire “Candide”. It’s my favourite of the classics i’ve read, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I was hoping for completing by the end of the year, but I’ve also got a new baby coming this December 7th, so a quiet house may not be a luxury I can afford for a while, but never the less, stay tuned!

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